About Devamatha

Deva Matha College, Kuravilangad, was founded in 1964 by St. mary's Syrian Catholic

Forane Church, Kuravilangad.The great visionaries who founded the college had in their mind the glorious task of dispelling the darkness of unwisdom, and spreading the light of true wisdom all around, irrespective of caste creed and religion. The college aims at academic excellence in all aspects of learning. It provides intellectual, moral, social, cultural, and spiritual guidence to the young generation with a view to making them God-fearing, patriotic, altruistic and self confident in life. The pristine countryside of Kuravilangad and the awe-inspiring shrine of Blessed Mary give the college an aesthetic majesty and spiritual grandeur rarely seen elsewhere.

The Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms consists of charges which are richly evocative religio-cultural and socio-ethical symbols. The crest which shows a hovering dove represents a spirit of god who is the source of all knowledge and Wisdom. The open book with Greek characters Alpha and Omega symbolizes and Insatiable thirst of human mind for true knowledge Alpha and omega stands for God who is the beginning and the end of every thing (Revelation 2/8) the crown at the top of the central

column is the symbol of 'Deva Matha'('Mother of God'),our heavenly patroness. It also symbolizes the victory of the meek and the humble. The bunch of flowers besides suggests purity and spiritual beauty. The heart, with thorns twining round, symbolizes the compassionate and prophet Jonah, and the quest of man for experience; it is the image of the Famed miniature ship which is taken out in procession on the day of great feast 'Moonnu Noyambu' in kuravilangad Forane Church. It further suggests the intrepid intellectual voyage each student is called upon to the crozier are Reminiscent of the glorious religious traditions of the Kurivilangad ,which has been the center of the religio-cultural activities of the Syrian-Catholic community since the second century A.D.The motto of the instituition,Truth will make you free(John 8/32)is one of the central declarations of Jesus the Master

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